Halloween costume tips for dogs

Tuesday, 23rd October 2012

 If there’s one thing the internet has proven it’s that dressing small furry animals up in ridiculous costumes and sharing photos of them is a deep, unavoidable human urge.

The trend for pampering your pooch has certainly made its mark in the UK, with dog boutiques being a sight in many affluent areas, and fashion-savvy owners will no doubt be on the hunt for the best costume to suit their canine.

In the US the trend is even more pronounced – the National Retail Federation expects pet owners to spend $370 million (£230 million) to dress up their dogs this year, an increase of $40 million (£24.9 million) on 2011.

Jaime Calderbank, owner of the One Lucky Dog boutique in Florida, offered her own tips to ensure your pet’s costume is safe and snug in a local news broadcast.

“Just be careful if you do buy a costume that nothing goes over the dog’s head, which would obscure their vision. You definitely don’t want anything over the ears that would prevent them from hearing, as their senses are very necessary – we have to make sure they’re not impeded in any way,” she said.

Owners should also prepare their pet for potentially petrifying trick-or-treaters, placing them in another room with the TV on to divert their attention. Alternatively, put a dog lead on your canine inside the house so you can respond if they frighten easily.