Get Rover running: new treadmill for dogs hits the market

Tuesday, 15th January 2013

Buying a dog can be an exciting time, but the truth is a lot of people rush into getting a puppy without considering the fact that they will need to walk them every day – come rain or shine.

As time goes on, many owners find walkies in the rain a bit of a drag.

Fortunately, however, a new invention could be about to change all that, after businesswoman Sammy French invented the 'Fit Fur Life' range of doggy treadmills.

The idea for the contraption came when Ms French was incapacitated for several months after an operation and couldn’t take her four dogs out for walks, the Daily Mail reports.

The new range of treadmills comes in several different sizes, each designed for different breeds of dog, and has been developed in collaboration with veterinary experts to make sure they can be used for both rehabilitation and exercise purposes.

While the option to simply put a pet on the treadmill and take the hassle out of walkies may be appealing to owners, it is important to remember that animals need fresh air every day, so we wouldn't recommend throwing away the lead just yet.