Flintshire dog takes on mouse catching duties

Thursday, 3rd March 2011

A dog from Flintshire has been specially trained to catch mice after graduating from Wagtail UK.

Alan Johnson, the handler of Archie the dog, now puts on the Springer Spaniel's collar and lead and goes out detecting mice as and where they are needed.

Dog training company Wagtail suggested that Archie be trained to catch mice and Mr Johnson jumped at the chance.

He said: "When the company came up with the idea of training a dog for mice and they asked me to take it on, I leapt at the chance and I’ve really enjoyed it.

"It's a role that will take me all over the country and Archie will be staying at home with me."

Mr Johnson added that his wife and daughter both love dogs and that Archie will soon be "part of the family".

Wagtail head of training Louise Wilson revealed that it took over a year to train Archie to catch mice.