Facelift saves pooch's eyesight

Monday, 22nd August 2011

A couple has ensured their beloved pet pooch can see his dog toys and dog food.

Denise and David Smart from Selby saved their Bloodhound's eyesight with an £8,000 facelift, which was covered by the company's insurance provider, reports the Wetherby News.

Junior was suffering with a rare skin condition that meant he did not grow into his skin as he should, meaning he had excessive flesh that covered his eyes.

This then led to a condition called entropion, which could have resulted in permanent eye loss, so the couple decided take Junior in for the operation.

Mr Smart told the news provider: "[The vet] said he'd done the same for about 500 spaniels, but the weight and volume on Junior's head made it the most difficult operation to do. It took three hours but it was worth it.

"Bloodhounds are very mischievous and are notorious for stealing things, and now Junior's sight is restored he's certainly living up to that reputation."

He added that Junior is much happier and less grumpy and aggressive since having the facelift.