Expert offers tips on picking up dog mess

Friday, 24th August 2012

A vet has offered some tips on more delicate methods of cleaning up after your dog when out walking.

Pete Wedderburn, veterinary journalist and practising vet, explained that while the simplest way to clean up dog mess is using a nappy sack or similar plastic bag, there are products out there that make the task less offensive.

He said: "There are more delicate ways of picking up dog poops, including sprays that instantly freeze dog poops so that they are cold and hard (instead of warm and squishy), and including other methods that remove the aspect of direct contact (even through plastic) between your hand and the poop."

Explaining why it is important to clean up after your dog, Dr Wedderburn said faeces contain eggs that have the potential to cause harm to humans.

The vet also noted that the average dog needs two 25 minute walks every day and that food puzzle pet toys are good at keeping them mentally stimulated.