Dogs win right to roam free in Wiltshire park

Thursday, 19th April 2012

Dogs have won the right to be taken off their dog collar and lead to run free in John Coles Park, Chippenham.

Wiltshire Council had imposed a Dog Control Order, which meant animals had to be kept ontheir leads, across the whole park with signs being put up to inform dog walkers of the order.

This is Wiltshire reports that angry campaigners criticised the order as a minority were spoiling it for everyone.

Now the council has admitted the signs were an error and the ban on lead-free dogs only relates to the lower part of the green space, which already has similar restrictions in place.

Robin Summerhill, who was leading the appeal against the order, told the news provider: "People have been very angry about the proposals but it was simply a mistake and there was no malicious intent. I am happy that it will not apply to the whole park."

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