Dogs love chew toys, expert says

Wednesday, 25th April 2012

When a dog sets his tail wagging in anticipation of fun, it is difficult to curb that smile that says you are right there with him.

So as well as running around and playing fetch with your pet, it can be a rewarding experience to use dog chew toys to fill up his time.

That is according to health and breeder services manager for the Kennel Club Bill Lambert, who stressed the importance of keeping dogs busy.

He said: “Dogs love toys and things that they can chew like chew toys - toys that can keep the dog occupied.

“There are toys that dispense food at regular intervals so the dog can play with it and get food out of the toy. They tend to keep the dog occupied for long periods of time.”

As well as entertaining your dog, Mr Lambert also drew attention to pet insurance for times when your animal needs pet drugs.

The expert highlighted the expense of going to a vet as a key reason to make the investment in your animal’s health and said there are “a vast range of policies out there”.