Dog shocks vet after swallowing a tennis ball

Tuesday, 19th April 2011

A dog named Ice may have mistaken a tennis ball for a dog chew toy recently and had to be treated by a vet from The Blue Cross after swallowing the ball.

Vets at the charity's Victoria animal hospital were shocked when an X-ray of the six-year-old Malamute's stomach showed he had swallowed a tennis ball whole.

Julia Smith, a vet at The Blue Cross, said: "We were staggered when we could see the whole tennis ball right down in Ice's stomach.

"Tennis balls should never be thrown for large dogs to catch because they get very slippery and easily stuck in their throat."

The charity recommended that dogs use safer toys, such as Kong dog toys, as tennis balls can easily break up and chewing on them can damage and wear teeth.

Paul Burton, Ice's owner, said that his pooch had been banned from playing with tennis balls because he always wants to eat them.