Dog saves owners from fire at Christmas

Thursday, 29th December 2011

A family will no doubt be spoiling their Rottweiler-cross with dog toys after he saved their lives over Christmas.

Caroline Wilson was asleep upstairs with her two-year-old son Lucas when their dog Buster desperately tried to wake them to alert them to a fire that had broken out, reports the Belfast Telegraph.

She told the news provider: "I was in a really deep sleep when Buster came into the room and started to lick me.

"He then started howling, sat on me and eventually began pulling me out of the bed. I was still half asleep when I got up. When I opened my eyes the room was full of black smoke."

The three escaped from the property unharmed and phoned the fire brigade. The coal fire had been lit by Ms Wilson's partner before he went out.

It is thought a bit of coal from the fire had fallen out and started the blaze on the carpet.

This follows news that a Jack Russell from Kent saved the life of his owners after their car exploded on their drive and the house caught alight.