Dog harnesses are good for animals with breathing issues

Wednesday, 12th September 2012

A dog harness is a good option for animals with breathing problems that can be common in short-nosed dogs such as pugs.

That is according to Amanda Shih, author of, which discusses products for dogs and their owners.

Ms Shih said that a normal harness allows dogs to pull, but if your dog is not inclined to do this, they are fine to use instead of a dog collar and lead.

She said: "A typical harness encourages pulling in a dog that is inclined to do so since it distributes his strength across his chest instead of his neck.

"However, if your dog is happy-go-lucky and doesn't pull, a harness is a perfectly acceptable way to walk."

Ms Shih added that whatever type of collar people decide is best for them, it should help to increase the bond between owners and their pets.

Support harnesses can also help animals with mobility problems as they allow the owner to take some of the weight off the dog's affected limbs.