Dog Yoga latest New York craze

Wednesday, 11th January 2012

A number of owners in New York have scrapped the traditional dog collar and lead for a new way of exercising.

Dog Yoga, or Doga, involves stretching with your pet and chanting in tones that dogs can join in with, reports the Daily Mail.

Suzi Teitelman began teaching Doga in 2002. She started after she noticed that her dog, a Cocker Spaniel named Coali, would lie beneath her when she practiced yoga at home.

She told the news provider: "Just as dogs pick up anxiety and negativity, they benefit from being a calm, happy environment with their owners.

"The owners often say that they've never see their pet so relaxed."

Also in support of Doga is Dr Robin Brennen, the chief of vetinary medicine at an animal shelter in New York.

She explained that after attending one class, she saw the dogs become less stressed and anxious after initially starting the class by yipping and barking.