Designer creates sofa for cats to share with owners

Friday, 14th September 2012

Anyone who's had a cat without a scratching post or a sufficient number of pet toys to keep them occupied will know that the furniture is often high up on their list of 'play things'.

But a designer from South Korea has created a new sofa that promises owners' peace of mind, even while the cats play.

The Cat Tunnel Sofa is a regular sofa but with a tubular tunnel wrapped around the edge that a pet can play in. There's even an opening halfway through that the cat can stick its head out of.

According to Reuters, the sofa marries modern design with space-saving functionality, making it idea for those without a great deal of living room space.

Designer Seungii Mun told the news provider: When the cats first saw the sofa, they instinctively went into the tunnel as if they knew it was for them."

If that's beyond your means, then it may be better to pick up some pet toys to make sure your cat doesn't think about scratching the back of your existing sofa.