Dancing celebs upstaged by pet dog

Tuesday, 19th March 2013

The new series of Dancing with the Stars kicked off this week, featuring a number of famous faces decked out in glamorous gowns and suits. However, it seems the celebs have been outdone by a tuxedo-wearing Pomeranian named Giggy, who appeared on stage with his owner Lisa Vanderpump as she made her debut in the competition.

The star of the hit reality TV show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills then passed her pet to someone dressed as a butler, who looked after Giggy during the performance, quashing rumours that the dog would be taking part in the dance itself.

After her routine, Vanderpump commented: "I think Giggy deserves a 10 [from the judges] because he was so cute."

While many owners enjoy dressing their pets up, it is important to take the animal's comfort and wellbeing into account, as while some may enjoy wearing clothes and costumes others do not. It might be an idea to start with a sparkly new dog collar, only moving on to more complicated outfits if your pet shows a liking for fashion.