Crate training can help create a 'positive association space for dogs'

Monday, 24th September 2012

Training your dog to use a crate can help to create a positive association space for the animal and help them feel safe when sleeping or away from home.

That is according to Molly Willms, a pet columnist writing for, who said that crate training can be used in conjunction with leash training to help your dog become house trained.

She wrote: "Whatever method works for you, there needs to be a puppy-proof area available to your dog during house-training.

"Whether that is a hazard-free, six ft radius around you or a crate in a safe place, it's something a dog needs until the two of you have worked out a way to keep them out of trouble."

When training your dog to do its business outside, Ms Willms said one owner used to wipe it up with a rag and then place this outside.

By doing this, the scent shows the animal where you would like them to go and therefore associate the rag with toilet breaks.