Club for Staffordshire Bull Terriers celebrates 1st anniversary

Monday, 21st November 2011

Owners who spoil their Staffordshire Bull Terriers with treats and dog toys may be pleased to hear that a club celebrating the breed has celebrated its first anniversary.

The RSPCA's Blackberry Farm Animal Centre's club for Staffy owners is open to owners and people interested in the breed.

Run by Kirsty Spittles and Liane Tiffany, the club now has around 50 members. They aim to change the way people see Staffies and to show them that the breed is loving and faithful, and a great family pet.

Club member Debra Appleby said: "They have so much character, they're like little people!

"It's such a shame that they're seen as a standard pet for trouble causers, as they are actually great family pets and they really don't deserve to have a bad reputation."

Ms Spittles added that she hopes the club will help to change perceptions of the breed so more people will rehome the hundreds of Staffies that are in rescue centres across the country.

In 2010, the RSPCA saw a four per cent rise in the number of Staffies it took in compared to the year before. The breed represents 22 per cent of the total dogs come into the charity’s care.