Chihuahuas can be 'yappy and snappy' if not raised correctly

Friday, 30th March 2012

Chihuahuas need to be walked on a dog collar and lead just as with any other breed and they should not be treated as an accessory, an expert has said.

Sarah Linehan, from The Pet Experience, which provides dog training and behaviour services, said that Chihuahuas can become "yappy and snappy" if they are not raised properly, and need training and discipline. 

She said: "If they are treated like babies they will grow up to be spoilt brats ... Their size encourages us humans to treat them like babies, which is not good for the dog at all.

"A Chihuahua can be a wonderful pet if it is treated like a dog and raised with training and discipline, just like any other breed."

Ms Linehan added that the breed needs lots of exercise and can walk for miles. She said while all breeds need plenty of exercise, the Chihuahua should not have too much nap time and needs plenty of mental stimulation for their active brains.

The Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog and their height generally ranges between six and eight inches.