Charity urging dog lovers to donate tennis balls

Thursday, 5th July 2012

With Wimbledon reaching its climax this weekend (July 8th), Battersea Dogs & Cats Home is looking for animal lovers to donate tennis balls for its residents.

Tennis balls are extremely popular with the charity's 450 dogs, with them using them as pet toys. Unsurprisingly, however, Battersea gets through thousands of balls every year.

Wimble-dogs, such as Andy Murray's dog Maggie May and Novak Djokovic's Pierre, have thousands of fans between them, the charity is hoping their fans will provide balls so the dogs have something do to while they wait to be rehomed.

Carlton Spears, Battersea operations manager, said: "Our dogs would be incredibly grateful for any tennis balls, and we’re hoping the Wimble-dogs and their fans will be able to lob a few balls our way."

One resident who would be grateful for a tennis ball or two is Richie, who would "adore" a new ball to play with.

Mr Spears added: "Richie has been with us for 100 days ... and a fun tennis ball game is one way we help keep him happy and busy while he waits to find a new home."

People can buy three tennis balls for the Battersea dogs for £2 through the charity's website.