Cats need a variety of places to sleep, charity says

Wednesday, 7th March 2012

Owners should provide a cat scratch post near to where their pet sleeps, as well as a variety of places where the animal can hit the hay.

That is according to Cats Protection, which has highlighted important information about cats sleeping patterns to mark National Sleep Awareness Week, which takes place between March 5th and 11th.

Maggie Roberts, director of veterinary services of Cats Protection, said: "Cats are known to sleep almost anywhere and need plenty of sleep to allow their energy reserves to be replenished.

"However, they are light sleepers and tend to wake at the slightest touch or sound – hence the expression cat nap."

The charity notes that owners can help with their cats' sleep by ensuring they have somewhere elevated to sleep to help them feel safe.

It also suggests providing a variety of places, as they like to rotate in their sleeping area, and a scratch post, as they often scratch to maintain their claws when they wake.

On average, cats sleep for 16 hours every day – twice that of adult humans.