Cat smashes £1,000 teapot by accident

Monday, 10th October 2011

A cat scratch post may be a good idea for one antique expert whose animal accidently smashed a teapot worth £1,000 while exploring.

David Battie, an expert on BBC’s Antiques Roadshow, explained that his cat Leoanard knocked a classic blue Wedgwood pot on to the floor, smashing it in the process, reports the Daily Mail.

He told the news provider: "He managed to get on the shelf where we keep the teapot and unfortunately chose to knock it on to the floor.

"If you live with cats and antiques, you realise it's going to happen sooner or later. I feel guilty because it managed to survive 200 years before I got my hands on it."

Battie joked about the incident on a recent episode of the programme, warning an antique owner to keep his 19th century decanters away from children and his cat.

The expert first appeared on Antiques Roadshop in 1977. He also has another cat named Layla. She is a three-year-old Bengal.