Border Collie saved after eating pet toy

Tuesday, 17th July 2012

A Border Collie is lucky to be alive after accidentally swallowing a pet toy which could have blocked her intestines.

Mia, the one-year-old dog from Edinburgh, swallowed the rubber ball when she was playing at home. Jodie Sinton, her owner, said the family could actually hear the ball going down her throat.

After going off her food and being sick, the family took Mia to the PDSA PetAid hospital, where vets decided to operate on her .

Graeme Eckford, PDSA Veterinary Surgeon, said: "We couldn't feel the ball inside Mia, but given what the family said we thought that Mia's intestines might be blocked by the ball.

"The x-rays confirmed this so it was important we got her into our operating theatre as soon as possible."

Mia was sent home with some pet meds the same day as the operation and vets advised that she only have short walks and lots of rest.

The PDSA provides free vet treatment for sick and injured pets owned by people in need.