Behavioural training for dogs is a vital investment

Wednesday, 3rd October 2012

Owners may be able to bond with their canines through training games or dog chew toys, but good behavioural training is the cornerstone of a happy relationship with your pet according to one expert.

Steven Havers, dog behaviour and training expert at, explained that a dog collar and lead is "the only equipment needed" for a well-behaved animal.

"Socialisation needs to be taught correctly so the dog learns the best place to be is with their owner, not charging after every dog or person they encounter," argued Mr Havers.

"Any dog that will not come back to its owner is out of control," he said, adding that those who don't understand the importance of controlling a dog shouldn't own one.

Experts recommend playing with your dog regularly in order to keep them happy and healthy, while behavioural training can be used to encourage good habits in dogs from a young age.