Bad breath could be a sign of dental problems in pets, vet says

Friday, 29th June 2012

There are a number of signs that an animal may be suffering from dental problems, a vet has said.

Marc Abraham, celebrity vet, explained that bad breath, a reluctance to chew pet toys and drooling are all symptoms of dental problems.

He said: "The top signs to look out for with potential dental problems is bad breath, caused by bacteria, plaque, tartar building up in the mouth, drooling, sometimes with a bit of blood in it, wobbly teeth, reluctance to chew toys or to eat food properly and general dullness and lethargy."

Dr Abraham also noted that dental problems can lead to more serious conditions as the blood supply from teeth goes straight to the heart and liver, so major problems can be caused.

In order to avoid the need for pet meds, it is a good idea to visit the vet to have your pets teeth checked.

The vet warned, however, that many pet insurers do not cover dental problems, so people should be aware of this.