Back-to-school blues for pets as well as children

Monday, 17th September 2012

While September marks the mad dash as families attempt to get their children ready and kitted out for the new school year, it is worth sparing some time to think about what effect the new term has on cats and dogs.

According to animal experts, pets are as likely to suffer from "back-to-school blues" as other members of the family, particularly if they will be forced to adapt to more time alone and confined to certain areas of the home while parents and children are out.

The AFP reports that the problem is particularly severe in France, as a result of the frequency with which families take their pets on month-long summer vacations.

Animal behavior expert Aline Auble explained that it is not unusual for animals to feel depressed after several weeks of having additional freedom and attention.

"If a dog barks incessantly or chews the furniture when it gets back from a holiday, it is showing that it is missing having company and that it has the back-to-school blues," she told the news provider.

"Above all, it is important that you do not punish them. By playing with things that belong to his master, the dog is maintaining a contact with him."

So there you have it. If your dog is struggling to learn how to be on its own again, then maybe some new pet toys could do the trick, especially if you've spent some time playing with them together before going back to school or work.