Anti-odour dog bed could unlock solution to hospital superbug

Wednesday, 14th November 2012

A 17-year old student claims to have invented the world's first odourless dog bed – and may have developed an innovative solution to prevent hospital superbug MRSA in the process.

Amber McCleary from Addiscombe, Croydon, has created a dog's bed laced with copper, a metal with antimicrobial properties which apparently prevents the bacteria causing dog odours to develop.

However, lab tests by Berkshire company MGS Laboratories found the fabric is also resistant to developing MRSA.

"I was researching about copper, then I found out about the antimicrobial properties of it – it's highly resistant to bacteria," said Ms McCleary.

"As I discovered all the antimicrobial properties I got the idea that the dog bed would be a good invention because I previously had a dog and my mum always used to complain about the smell, and with the antimicrobial properties it kills the bacteria so there is no smell.

"But at the same time I think I may have stumbled across the solution to the problem of MRSA in hospitals."

The entrepreneur's bed will retail at £40, and will make its debut at this weekend's Discover Dogs show at London's Earls Court .