Animal welfare charities step up Christmas campaign

Friday, 30th November 2012

With Christmas just around the corner, animal welfare charities are once again calling on people to think twice before giving the gift of a kitten or puppy.

Following on from a busy festive season last years, the Scottish SPCA has stated that it expects to see a surge in cases of animals being abandoned over the new year.

As well as unwanted puppies, the charity also expects to see older dogs dumped by owners, often so as to make space for a new, younger and cuter arrival, though chief superintendent Mike Flynn hopes that the Scottish public will take the advice that 'a pet is for life and not just for Christmas' properly on board this time around.

"Taking on a pet is a commitment for that animal's lifetime and new owners should ensure they have the time and resources they need and understand their responsibilities," he told regional broadcaster STV.

This comes soon after Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan issued similar advice through the website, noting that prospective owners should do their homework on different breeds before adopting a puppy.