American Bulldog almost dies after catching stick

Tuesday, 22nd November 2011

An American Bulldog almost died after a stick it caught got impaled in the animal’s chest.

Owners are now being warned that throwing sticks for dogs can be potentially dangerous and that dog toys are a better alternative when out walking, reports

Olivia Parkinson, 14, was walking her dog Maggie when a stick she threw punctured her chest just two centimetres away from her heart.

The teenager told the news provider: "It was awful, but my dad had to do something to stop the other dogs from trying to get the stick.

"We took her to The Blue Cross in Grimsby and they operated on her straight away."

Maggie was then given antibiotics and painkillers to help her heal.

An RSPCA spokesperson added that if swallowed, sticks can cause an obstruction and may also cause gum and teeth injuries.

Olivia said that from now on, she will be using soft dog toys in the future when walking Maggie.