Paws! Pet dog learns to stop traffic

Thursday, 14th February 2013

Lollipop ladies are a rare sight on Britain's roads these days, although schoolchildren need not fear as one pet labrador-staffie cross has taken up the mantle and become the world's first lollipop dog.

Eight-year-old Shadow from Silverknowes, Edinburgh, has been driving motorists up the wall after learning to stop traffic by pressing the button on the pelican crossing - which now appears to have become her favourite pastime.

Shadow's owner, Chris Paterson, says his pet dog has become so enamoured with her new trick that she insists on pressing the button even when no cars are coming or when no one is waiting to cross the road.

Speaking to the Scottish Sun, Mr Paterson explained how Shadow "bounds up and hits the button with her paw in her mouth", much to the annoyance of some motorists who are forced to stop unnecessarily.

The local council has yet to announce if a green dog will be added next to the green man on the crossing lights.