World's 'most luxurious pet hotel' in LA

Monday, 11th July 2011

Owners across the US whose four-legged friend only enjoys the finest pet food may enjoy a stay at the world's most luxurious pet hotel.

Guests of the Barkley hotel in Westlake Village in Los Angeles are provided with gourmet treats, a daily exercise routine and they are able to stay in rooms that have individual climate and lighting control, reports the Daily Mail.

The guestrooms also have soothing music and frequently freshened air piped in.

In terms of room service, a statement from the hotel said: "Room Service (steak for dogs and sushi for cats) and special seasonal meals (turkey dinners, etc.) may be available."

Pooches can indulge in swimming lessons, after which they can get pampered at the spa.

Cats are provided with entertainment in the form of screens that feature birds in flight, as well as a tropical fish tank.

The hotel also offers dog training and has celebrity clients such as Sandra Bullock utilising its services.