Working dogs need homes too, says charity

Monday, 22nd October 2012

Rehoming charity Dogs Trust Darlington is urging those in the Sadberge area to consider taking on a working dog breed such as a Labrador Retriever, Border Collie, lurcher or terrier. Many sighthounds such as Greyhounds are also in need of a home.

The organisation has been inundated with homeless dogs in recent weeks.

“Working breeds such as Labradors and spaniels are some of the most popular dogs in the UK and often make ideal additions to the family,” said centre manager Sue Embleton.

She suggested that greyhounds, whippets and lurchers are laid back pets despite their reputations, and only need to be given the opportunity to run around and express their natural instincts to result in a content pet under most circumstances.

"People are often put off by their size but breeds like these are very gentle and appreciative of human affection,” Ms Embleton added.