Why not treat your dog to a hot meal?

Tuesday, 22nd January 2013

The hot drink season is well and truly upon us with kettles across the country going into overdrive and sales of instant soup going through the roof.

Everyone loves a winter warmer when the temperature drops, which is why pet owners may want to think about heating up their animals' food as well, given the current state of the climate.

Writing for the Sacramento Bee, American vet Dr Marty Becker says putting pet food in the microwave for just a few seconds can not only help warm a pet's insides but can also bring out the aroma and taste of their food, helping them to enjoy their meals.

Any owners who are concerned that their pet may be losing its appetite should try this in an attempt to re-ignite their hunger, as some elderly dogs may be suffering from a deteriorating sense of smell or taste. Bringing out a food's flavour by heating it up could help to stimulate their senses, encouraging them to eat more.