Virgin Atlantic reveals pet travel scheme success

Monday, 19th December 2011

Virgin Atlantic has said its pet travel scheme has been a great success, revealing that more owners are able to take their pets with them on trips around the globe.

The airline has revealed that, since 2003, there has been a 1,500 per cent increase in the number of dogs that leave the UK to be with their owners abroad, reports

For those with fussy pets, it can be a good idea to pack some pet food with you, in case they aren't willing to eat what's on offer abroad.

There has also been a 325 per cent increase in the number of cats being taking abroad.

These figures may increase further, as from January 1st 2012, new regulations will be put in place. Owners will not have to put their pets in quarantine for six months, but instead will only have to put them in for 21 days.

Actor John Barrowman told the news provider: "For me, my three dogs - Charlie, Harris and Captain Jack - are like my children; they're part of my family.

"My work means I have to travel abroad a lot to places like Hollywood and it makes a huge difference to know I have my two cocker spaniels and Jack Russell with me."