Unexpected arrival at monkey World

Thursday, 13th December 2012

A rare woolly monkey has been born at Monkey World in Dorset, much to the surprise of the conservation centre's staff – and the monkey's mother.

Monkey World is the only place on the planet where this endangered species can be seen in captivity, and visitors will be delighted with the arrival of Bueno Junior, who weighed in at 15 ounces.

Unfortunately, the little ape has not had the best start to life after being rejected by his mother, who failed to develop the normal maternal instincts after undergoing an abnormal pregnancy and a sudden, unexpected labour.

Resident monkey expert Dr Alison Cronin has stepped in as a surrogate mother, and will hand-rear Bueno for the first five months of his life, before he joins up with one of the three packs of apes currently living at the centre.

Bueno's birth comes after a recent spate of high-profile cases of people keeping monkeys as pets, and animal lovers should be aware that wild exotic species should never be kept in a domestic environment.