Thumper 'most popular bunny name'

Thursday, 26th May 2011

A large number of people across the UK feed pet food to a bunny named Thumper.

Research by animal charity The Blue Cross has found that Thumper is the nation's favourite name for a pet rabbit.

Followed by Thumper, the second most popular name was Floppsy, while Snowy and Fluffy came in third and fourth respectively.

Characters from TV and literature also made the top ten, with Peter coming in fifth and Bugs being the seventh most popular name.

This survey comes during Rabbit Awareness Week, which began on Monday (May 23rd) and ends on May 29th.

As part of the awareness week, The Blue Cross explains some important things to do in order to look after a rabbit.

It states that a hutch should be draft, weather and fox proof. Prospective owners should also bear in mind that rabbits are sociable, so you need to get at least two.

The Rabbit Awareness Week website also reveals that rabbits need two kinds of fibre in their diet - digestible and indigestible.