Three quarters of owners feed pets leftovers

Friday, 3rd February 2012

Instead of feeding their animals pet food, many owners across the UK are allowing their cats and dogs to eat leftovers from their own meals and takeaways.

According to research by More Than, over seven million pets eat fish and chips or burgers for dinner once a week, while 72 per cent of owners admit to feeding their animals leftovers.

Findings also revealed that a third of pets are now obese. Despite this, 41 per cent of owners do not think giving their animals leftover food does them any harm.

Animal nutritionist Stephanie Mehanna said: "Obesity in pets is a serious issue and has become a much more common problem over the past few years. Our pet's diet shouldn't be a mirror image of our own dining habits, and by allowing them to eat human foods we are adding a serious amount of extra calories into their diets."

She added that feeding them leftovers also exposes pets to ingredients that they cannot tolerate.

Among the most popular dishes to serve to pets were chicken tikka masala, doner kebab and roast dinner.