Think carefully about getting a second pet, expert says

Monday, 6th August 2012

t is important to think carefully before getting a second pet because some animals do not like sharing their living space, pet food or toys.

That is according to Caroline Reay, chief vet for the Blue Cross, who said that many people get more pets to provide company for their other animal.

However, cats and dogs do not always want to share their home. She wrote: "Two dogs of similar age, breed and size living together can sometimes be a disaster whether they are male or female.

"Some dogs are naturally competitive, and serious conflict can erupt over toys or food. This may be controlled when the owner is present but can explode when the dogs are alone at home."

Ms Reay added that while cats can form strong bonds with people, many are not truly sociable and in the wild, they are solitary hunters and if injured, they will not care for one another.

However, the vet does note that small animals, such as guinea pigs and mice, are extremely sociable and should live in groups of at least two.