The Blue Cross names duo after royal couple

Thursday, 28th April 2011

People looking to buy pet food for a little degu may like to adopt a pair that have been named after a royal couple.

The two degus have been named after Prince William and Kate Middleton in honour of the royal wedding, which is set to take place tomorrow (April 29th).

Animal welfare assistant Katie Stiles says: “These are the first degus we have had born on site at The Blue Cross and given all the buzz about the royal wedding, what better names than Wills and Kate?

"Although many people have not even heard of degus, they are becoming more and more common in our rescue centres, mainly due to overbreeding."

The two degus were born at the Burford adoption centre after an abandoned group of 11 degus was brought in.

Degus originate from Chile and they are related to guinea pigs and chinchillas, although recently it has been found that they may actually be closer in relation to rabbits.