Talon-ted turkey impersonates owners' dogs

Friday, 21st December 2012

Everyone's heard of Babe the pig who thinks he's a dog, but this Christmas is all about the story of another farmyard animal suffering from an identity crisis.

An eight-year-old turkey named Cranberry has swapped its gobble for a bark after taking a shine to a pair of Labradors – and now she even seems to think she is one.

After spotting Cranberry wondering round a car park, a concerned member of the public put in a call to HorseWorld in Bristol, which provides refuge for a number of animals besides horses.

The bird was then picked up by centre's national director for equine refuge, Jerry Watkins, who brought her home and introduced her to his two Labradors named Teal and Widgeon, but could never have expected what happened next as Cranberry began to behave like the dogs.

She now lives in her own kennel, dutifully guards the house by barking any at visitors who come up the garden path, and has even been known to steal her companions' dog food.