Surfing piglet takes to the waves in New Zealand

Friday, 15th March 2013

New Zealand's animals certainly are a talented bunch. Late last year a group of dogs at an animal shelter in Aucklund rose to international fame after learning to drive, and now a young piglet has been grabbing headlines after taking to the waves on a surfboard.

The two-month-old crossbreed named Zorro has apparently been riding the ocean swells at Mount Maunganui since he was just three weeks old, having been taught to surf by his owner Matthew Bell.

Mr Bell has described Zorro as a "phenomenal swimmer" but admits that his surfing days are probably numbered as he will soon be too big to stay afloat.

Last year, a bulldog named Max became a global sensation after learning to skateboard through the streets of his hometown in Indianapolis, proving that some animals really do have a taste for extreme sports.

However, owners should remember not to push their pets into any situation they are not comfortable with. All animals have different personalities and while some may enjoy the feeling of the wind in their fur, most are more content with a walk in the park and nice bowl of pet food.