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Some owners think extra pet food equals love, expert says

Tuesday, 21st August 2012

An expert has said some people overfeed their pets to make up for not spending time with them.

Some owners provide too much pet food for their animals because they think it is a way to make up for not spending enough time with them.

That is according to Dr Patti Patterson, a vet at the Best Friends Animal Society, a US animal charity. The vet explained that many people do not realise the risks of overfeeding their pets.

She said: "With today's busy lifestyles I feel people overfeed their pets as a way to make up for not spending as much time with them as they feel they should.

"I very much also feel that people think that food equals love."

Dr Patterson added that more than half of the cats she examines are overweight. Many owners, she said, do not realise the risks of disease associated with obesity. 

Some of the health risks that can affect obese pets include diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease and high blood pressure.