Snow joke: how to keep pets safe during the big freeze

Friday, 18th January 2013

The weathermen have got us all in a bit of a panic with reports of icy arctic blasts and heavy snow this weekend.

With people stocking up on key supplies and getting ready to batten down the hatches, the RSPCA has been issuing advice on how to keep animals safe and warm during the big chill.

According to RSPCA companion animal scientist Sophie Hacking, "taking action early really can make the difference to your pet", which is why she is urging rabbit and guinea pig owners to start growing grass from seed trays in order to provide indoor grazing facilities for their pets.

Horse riders are being encouraged to dry their animals off thoroughly after taking them out, as sweat can lead to chills when the temperature drops.

If you're planning an emergency trip to the supermarket before the snow starts falling, remember to stock up on supplies of pet food to keep your animals well fed and full of energy.