Sheffield hairdresser claims to be real life Dr Dolittle

Monday, 17th December 2012

A hairdresser based in Sheffield has laid claim to being a real-life Dr Dolittle after revealing that she can understand animals. 

Mandy Carr has stated that she can not only diagnose animals' conditions but can also channel messages from dead pets as well, reports the Daily Mail.

The 39-year-old, who has no pets of her own as her husband Paul's family suffer from severe allergies, first realised she had her unusual gift at the age of 20 when she was cutting a client's hair and heard her dog begging for a treat.

Mrs Carr treats more than 1,500 animals a year, with cases including her diagnosis of a dog's kidney complaint and the time she helped a dog overcome rejection fears after her owners split up.

"I only have to look at a pet's picture and I can feel their ailments and listen to whatever they choose to tell me - which often includes telling tales on their owners," she told the news provider.

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