Secrets behind pet body language revealed

Monday, 8th August 2011

Owners are well aware of when their four-legged friend is after some pet food, however they may not know what they are feeling when they give off certain body language signs.

The American Kennel Club has revealed some of the body language secrets of cats and dogs, reports

Mary Burch, American Kennel Club Canine good citizen director and certified applied animal behaviourist, explained that if a cat has its eyes wide own and is looking at you, this means it is listening to you.

If it is blinking or has eyes that look like slits this means it is happy. However, if its ears are pointed back and standing up, the cat is unhappy.

When it comes to dogs, Ms Burch told the news provider that their ears, eyes and mouth tell a lot about the pooch's feelings.

"When your dog is relaxed and not stressed, his ears will be in the natural position. When he becomes alert … his ears will be raised and turned toward whatever is holding his attention. If your dog's ears are pulled back so far they are plastered to the sides of his head, he is submissive or afraid," she explained.