SA pooch shares dog toys with warthog

Thursday, 25th August 2011

A pooch in South Africa shares its dog toys with an unusual companion: a warthog that his owner has raised as a pet.

Erika Tempel, a housewife, raised her pet warthog Org from infancy after he was orphaned as a baby, reports the Daily Mail.

The two-year-old tucks into dog food dinners and sleeps under a blanket on the sofa every night.

Luckily, Ms Tempel's pet pooch Cody, a Jack Russell, gets on well with Org.

She told the news provider: "You might not imagine that a warthog and a Jack Russell would get on but they are the best of friends.

"Cody often perches himself on Org's back when he's sleeping, and although they sometimes fight over the food it's always good natured."

As well as the 2kg of dog food he gets fed every night, Org also enjoys treats of dried sweetcorn kernels, ginger biscuits, marshmallows and Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

Ms Tempel added that Org is free to go spend time with other warthogs during the day, but he almost always returns every evening when it gets dark.