Runaway dog saved at the eleventh hour

Wednesday, 9th January 2013

A family dog who went missing in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy can claim to be the only canine to have tasted his last meal and survived, after being spared from euthanisation and reunited with his owners just in the nick of time.

The year old shepherd/ridgeback mix, named Buster, reportedly ran away from home after being spooked by construction workers who came to repair the damage to his owners' house, which had been caught in the path of the superstorm on the east coast of the US.

Somehow he ended up in the dog pound, where officials decided the only thing they could do for him was to put him down.

However, a friend of Buster's owner miraculously tracked him down at the eleventh hour after seeing his picture on the Animal Care and Control website, and was able to reach the shelter where he was being housed just as he was tucking in to his final bowl of dog food.