Rabbits should be fed specialist pet food

Monday, 17th January 2011

Pet owners have been urged to give their rabbits specialist food rather than fresh vegetables.

Water Chen, chief of Petzoo Mega Pet Store in China, claimed it is a popular misconception that rabbits should be fed carrots and vegetables and that these foods could even be harmful to them.

She told news.xinhuanet.com: "Almost everybody believes that rabbits eat carrots and vegetables, and prefer to feed them with fresh ones. But that may possibly kill them."

This is because many vegetables could potentially contain pesticides which could lead to diarrhoea and even death.

Consumers are, therefore, advised to purchase specially processed rabbit foods which contain dried vegetable elements and vitamin additives, as this is a safer option and also offers rabbits all their required nutrients.

Ms Chen also claimed that rabbits should have easy access to water via a bottle to keep them hydrated throughout the day.