Rabbit Awareness Week launched by charity

Tuesday, 17th July 2012

A charity is concerned that the number of rabbits being neglected, mistreated and forgotten about is increasing and, as a result, has launched Rabbit Awareness Week.

The Scottish SPCA has said more rabbits than ever are being brought in, with some in need of pet meds or basic nutrition.

Mike Flynn, chief superintendent of the charity, said: "Some rabbits arrive in our care in a terrible state having been denied basic nutrition and veterinary attention, while others are sadly forgotten pets children have grown tired of.

"The biggest issue is rabbits being put in a hutch and left at the bottom of the garden, with many enduring a life of solitude and boredom."

He added that for some rabbits, the only interaction they have is being brought pet food and water, but some owners even find this tasking.

Mr Flynn said that anyone thinking about getting a rabbit should make sure they have the time to care for it properly and that rabbits should not be given as a gift.