RSPCA offers pet care advice during the holiday season

Thursday, 16th June 2011

Owners across the UK have been urged to make sure their four-legged friends have plenty of pet food and so forth when they go away on holiday.

The RSPCA has revealed that 1,300 people have visited its website over the last two months to find information about pet care during the holiday season.

Dr Kerry Westwood, scientific officer for companion animals for the RSPCA, said: "In the excitement of preparing for a holiday or weekend away, don't forget to make arrangements for your pets.

"Whether you plan to take them with you or not, it can take time to sort out their care and so you should always do this well in advance."

If a friend or family member will be looking after your pet, the RSPCA suggests owners make sure the carer knows of any special pet food they may need, exercise routine and if the animal needs any pet medication.

Should owners be planning to take their pet away with them, it is a good idea to check for pet-friendly hotels and attractions, the charity claims.