Premium pet food offers 'long-term health benefits'

Tuesday, 1st February 2011

Animals should be given premium pet food as it offers a range of long-term health benefits, it has been claimed.

Olivia Pires, store manager at Kriser's For Your Pet's All-Natural Life, California, claimed that the benefits of high-quality pet food far outweigh the additional cost.

"There are many long-term health effects of feeding a better diet, but a lot of people notice immediate changes when they switch, such as brighter eyes, better skin and coat, more energy and better temperament," she told the Signal website.

"Because you feed less and there's not so much filler in the food, there's also less poop to pick up, which is a good thing for pet owners."

Ms Pires added that raw foods are better for animals as they contain enzymes and nutrients which aid digestion.

Kriser's has stores located around numerous cities across the US, including Los Angeles and Chicago. It only stocks grain-free pet food products.