Posing pets make perfect family paw-trait

Tuesday, 4th December 2012

A family photo simply isn't complete without the household pet, according to new research by Europe's largest photo calendar company, Vistaprint.co.uk.

Company spokesman Sanjay Lobo told femalefirst.co.uk that vanity is on the rise in Britain with an increase in demand for personalised photo calendars and photo books, and that families are now going to greater lengths to create the perfect snap.

Crucial to this is the inclusion of the family pet, with over a third of Brits saying their picture would not be complete without their animal friends being in it.

One in ten families are now also hiring make-up artists to help them take the perfect picture, although pets are being spared the blusher and lipstick.

Of course to make sure your pet remains as photogenic as possible you'll need to make sure they are well-fed with the right pet food, helping them to maintain a shiny coat and healthy general appearance.