Pets' needs neglected because owners don't know their health requirements

Friday, 23rd November 2012

PDSA's new Animal Wellbeing (PAW) report has revealed that pets' needs are being neglected because owners don't understand their health requirements.

The PAW report revealed a number of troubling findings about pet aggression and pet health, but most of the problems stem from owners not fully understanding what their pets need to be healthy and happy, rather than deliberate mistreatment.

Pet obesity and a lack of preventative care were some of the issues addressed in the report, with many owners not aware of the five simple things pet owners need to provide by law to ensure their pets' long-term wellbeing.

Providing good dog or cat food is an essential step to good pet care. Taking your pets for regular walks and making the home comfortable for them should also be standard practice when it comes to good pet care.

To help support owners we have launched our Better Life for Pets campaign and are urging all local pet owners, whether you have a dog, cat, rabbit or other small pet, to visit